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So Clo is passionate about sharing the social media and business know-how that will help you create the career and lifestyle you’ve always imagined. With expert insights and impressive online business success you’ll be guided towards your own winning formula that gives you the income and freedom to live life your way. Sounds incredible, right?

Specialising in fashion, beauty, home and childrenswear, So Clo has heaps of knowledge to get you on the inside track. Enriched with inspiration and packed with practical support, you can be confident your new strategy will ignite your business and get you real results.

You can transform your online presence with So Clo’s social media and business coaching services, including full website audits, photo editing and must have apps, hashtag libraries and VIP business packages. Everything you’ll ever need is here and you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

If you’re ready to escape the limits of the 9-5 worklife, say hello right now to endless, scaleable opportunities with So Clo.

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Chloe Spriggs


Founder of So Clo, Chloe Spriggs is a successful businesswoman and social media influencer. With over 10 years as the mastermind of a booming business in the beauty product and fashion industry, and 9 years skyrocketing as a popular influencer, Chloe is now using her invaluable knowledge and enthusiasm for helping others to flourish in their work and life goals, too!

Having worked with numerous well known brands such as ISawItFirst, Zoflora and BPerfect and with a combined social media following of 458,000, Chloe provides social media, business coaching and influencer management to clients nationwide. Known for her approachability, friendliness and dedication to every single client, Chloe has become the go-to adviser of choice in the social media business area.